We have TWO FREE Things here.

The First one helps You and your Business Owners. It's a new technology that WILL GROW THEIR BOTTOM LINE.
We show you how you will Save Money from the merchants you already do business with, and also how you can Earn Extra money just for showing it to merchants giving them ways to Grow their Business.

Next we have an APP that recently launched and is really starting to Grow. It's FREE and is probably the best Cash Back App we have ever seen, better than ANY Card.

It's Time for a Game Changer.
See the two apps below...

best web software

Your own business in area that is currently Hottest Thing on the Planet for the Small Business Owner & Consumer.

It's FREE and there is a Business Side as well.

All you are going to do is Download your Free App and the fun begins.
Very shortly we will have tons of tools that you just drop off to a business owner and the sharp ones will be getting back to you.

What if there was an APP that went out and Found You Money on the Same Things you Already Buy?

And what if it was FREE?

Would you download it?
Would you tell your friends about it?
And just for having them download it for Free, you got Paid?

This is immediate cash when they simply download their free app,
as well as cash back for you when you use it.

What do people Really Want?

Save Money or Make Money.

We do it by using the one thing you already use, your Smart Phone. It's about unlocking the power of that phone to tap into local savings and deals with the merchants you already do business with.
It's tapping into the things everyone wants...

Businesses want to make more money.
Consumers want to Save Money.

Questions? Contact Me.

Dr. Rick Mayer

My main thrust here is to find partners to spread the word throughout the USA, Mexico, S. America and Canada.

Business owners in all these areas need help and we have it.

I will be putting just a few folks per area with most having just one person.
I need local folks to stay in touch with the business because we have a lot for them.

If you are considering ANY Home based business, I strongly advise checking out vEvaluation.com. It WILL open your eyes.

A Logical Evaluation

Note the Red Flags

Most folks who try Network Marketing fail because they didn't understand the Red Flags. Check it out. If you have tried one and failed, you'll know why, but you'll also know what Does Work and Why.

Know any Homeowners or Business Owners who like Saving Money?

The Solar Movement is VERY HOT right now but it's also Risky. A lot of companies don't make it because they price themselves out of the market.
To succeed, you MUST be the Price and Technology LEADER...Period.

It's time for not only a Price Leader, but NEW TECHNOLOGY that will set this industry on it's ear.  Right now we are past R&D and seeking Serious Investors.