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I'm sure you have realized that in order to succeed in the word today you MUST be in your own business. 


(I have the Full Movie if you want to see some very prominent folks discuss this industry. It's One Hour in length.)


OK, we've established that you Need to be in your Own business so wouldn't it be great to find companies who believe so much in what they are doing that you get involved for FREE, and even at FREE there is a considerable upside?

And without any doubt, APPS are where the money is being made today.


We have TWO App Businesses
and something else that will appeal to you if you are a homeowner.

 People like Saving Money, Making Money, and FREE THINGS.

What if you could offer it All?

 Free Thing #1 


Folks, this one is So Incredible we are using it in our Business Consulting model because it Truly Helps Local Business Owners.

I'd strongly advise checking out the main site by clicking the logo and if you like, we have a Business Owners site and even a Non-Profit site.



It's a central part of our Smarter.Marketing® system for Small Business because it fills a critical need for Local Business Owners.

 Free Thing #2 

United Games Launching this fall.

Have you heard of Madden Football, NASCAR Thunder or NCAA Football?

What about Pokemon GO?

Ever thought about the fortunes being created from folks downloading and playing these games?

Are you getting a piece of that?  


Well hold onto your hats because the same folks who developed Madden Football, NASCAR Thunder and NCAA Football are launching a new one that they claim Will Be Bigger than Pokemon GO!

And the BIG DIFFERENCE, YOU can SHARE in the revenue!
And that Share will be HUGE. Click the Logo.

Then we have something you may want to consider.

If you are a home owner and have ever considered Solar, now is the time.

Did you realize you can now get a complete system without even having to pay for the Solar Panels, installation, maintenance, service calls, etc?  All you pay for is the Power you use and it's guaranteed to be less than you are now paying.

We are the direct selling arm of SolarCity, the Worlds Leader in Solar Power.

You can even make money for FREE just by referring folks to me because I get paid for referrals and I'll cut you the check when they get their Free Solar system.  

In addition, we have some Free Business Tools that are Off the Charts.
We are Launching a New System that does several things.


If you are a Business owner, how does this sound?


If you are someone who likes Saving Money,
but even better, how about getting Paid to Save?


 And What's the Biggest Attraction of All?

One word, "FREE."

Our consulting business shows small business owners How to Market Smarter, not more expensively.  And in that regard we give more for FREE than competitors can even sell. See for yourself.

Finally a company that Gives something to the Small Business Owner rather than always trying to Rip Them Off!

"More Business Now"

And this translates into growing the bottom line.

Just in case you are wondering, here's 

In of my Consulting business I hear about several new business opportunities every month. The vast majority of them either have boring products, a weak comp plan, are under capitalized, or have a management team lacking in the experience and vision needed put the company on the right track.

Everything you see on this page hits the Bullseye by offering something everyone wants, a FREE way to make money...and a way to have the systems grow VIRALLY!

And wait till you see what's coming for folks who have an inclination to call on and work the B2B market.