Isn't it time you found a Business that You CAN Do, and even better, it was FREE. We don't have to charge up front, we know you will succeed.

First, we have FREE THING.

Chances are you will be using one of our apps to save money.
What if there was a way to Earn Extra Money as well?

We have a couple of things to show you here.
And FREE THING means just that, it's totally FREE.

To begin, you will Save Money on the things you already buy.
I'm talking about from the Local Merchants you already frequent.

But we also show you how you can Earn Extra money as well just for showing that merchant a way to Grow their Business.

It's Time for a Game Changer.
See the two apps below...

how to create a website

What do people Really Want?

Save Money or Make Money.

We do it by using the one thing you already use, your Smart Phone. It's about unlocking the power of that phone to tap into local savings and deals with the merchants you already do business with.
It's tapping into the things everyone wants...

Businesses want to make more money.
Consumers want to Save Money.

What if there was an APP that went out and Found You Money?

And What if it was FREE?

Would you download it?
Would you tell your friends about it?
Would you tell your Local Businesses about it?

And if you did that, what if you got paid?

The FindCashApp

There is a Business Side to this as well.

All you are going to do is Download your Free App
and the fun begins.

Coming shortly, we will have tons of tools that you just drop off to a business owner and the sharp ones will be getting back to you.

Questions? Contact Me.

Dr. Rick Mayer

My main thrust here is to find partners to spread the word throughout the USA, Mexico, S. America and Canada.

Business owners in all these areas need help and we have it.

I won't be putting too many folks in a given area as I don't want folks running into each other. But I do need folks local as the business owners need a point of contact.

If you are consideering ANY Home based business, I strongly advise checking out It WILL open your eyes.

A Logical Evaluation

Note the Red Flags

I've never been a big fan of Network Marketing for the reasons in this Evaluation.  Check it out. If you have tried one and failed, you'll know why, but you'll also know what Does Work in that arena.

Know any Homeowners or Business Owners who like Saving Money?

The Solar Movement is VERY HOT right now but it's also Risky. A lot of companies don't make it because they price themselves out of the market.
To succeed, you MUST be the PRICE LEADER...Period.

We are.