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You saw the Passive Income Stream before, and if not, Go There Now.

Now let's get a little more serious.
I have launched throughout the U.S.A., Canada, South Ameerica and Mexico and I need help.

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You may only be interested in the Passive Income Stream. Many folks are in the same boat and that is perfectly fine. I need lots of folks spreading the word.

But if you are interested in a little more of an opportunity, this is where you want to be.
But understand a few things.
* This is Not a Multi Level Marketing Deal.
* You will be calling on Businesses.
* You will be helping your Local Business owners Grow their Bottom Line.
* You will be Helping them SAVE MONEY.
* There are no charges of any kind to be involved, now or ever.

First, Who We Are...

Understand who we are.

Go to www.Smarter.Marketing

This tells the whole story.
We are about Helping the Local Small to Medium Sized business GROW.


I have exclusive areas through the Western Hemisphere and I'm looking for folks who want to make a difference.

I am only choosing a very small number of folks for a given area, and most areas will only have one person.

If you are selected we will work closely together to help your Local Businesses.


You will start out at 10% of everything you book, i.e. all the business you generate.
Some partners start higher because their learning curve is less. We need to talk.

This is a monthly, recurring revenue and is paid out every month as long as you and your business is with us.

Shortly, depending upon your results, there will be ways your share increases to 20%, then to 30% and even up to 35% or 40%.

Unlimited Support

We supply everything, your websites, your email account, etc.
We will even create custom literature for your leave-behind pieces and all you do is have them printed off locally or print on your own with your printer.

We will be adding extra features to our offering in the very near future.

For instance, Facebook Ads tend to be an involved process. We will bring on partners who do this and in turn pay us a commission.

We will share that commission depending upon the partner.

In addition, as you become more adept at Marketing and what we do, you may want to take on additional consulting with your clients. You will keep all of that revenue as you will be doing the local consulting.

Examples would be working with them on their SmarterApp (MobileApp) or monitoring Facebook follow-up or Google+ posts, etc.

This type of consulting needs someone local and we need you on site because we can't do it from here.

I personally will still be available for consulting and help via. my video conference system and do so because we are in a partnership to grow your clients Business.

So if you would like to know more, contact me, Dr. Rick Mayer, and let me know a little about yourself, where you live and how you think you can help.  You can also just fill out you email below...


Join Us

We are constantly adding features to our offering.
Why not become Grandfathered into a territory now? What have you got to lose?
And even if this isn't for you, do you know someone who wants to call on Small Business Owners?

We are currently looking for Winners in All Markets.

Next Launch coming