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How many times have you seen Google as the Registrar of a domain name?

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"Hey ___.  You won't believe what I just found.
We all know that online and mobile gaming is HUGE but do you know just How Huge?
What if you could get a piece of the action?

I found two things, both FREE. The first in Gaming and the second has the power to make our world more sustainable. Not just greenwashing, real substantial changes.

Check it out, On the first one, the Gaming, you'll have to let me know if you want more information when it's available, and the second, bUnited, you'll need my link to join bUnited for free

Go ahead, check out, Join for free and share with others. You can thank me later."

The link you are sending is in the latest Google AMP format.

We use this format because it's simply the latest and fastest way to spread the word. You can copy and paste the message to an email or a Text, and when they click from either, it loads nearly instantly.

At this point all you need to know about AMP is it works and it's FAST. We use it in several business models for many reasons. It's Push Button Marketing at it's best.

NOTE: is a totally generic site without my information for your use.


You were introduced to this system by someone who thinks a lot about you.

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Make sure your link is included in the message you sent out and also the link to

Go ahead, create a few messages and text or email them to someone so you can see how they work. Our Google AMP format is pretty cool and it's also FAST...a critical factor in the Mobile World.

- Dr. Rick Mayer, C.E.O., appSAVE®
We use this system in our GeoTargeting business that is going national and soon we will be incorporating it into this so prospects will get alerts about your business just by simply moving around. 

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Time to start showing folks and changing the world.

FreeThing is in the Google AMP format (Accelerated Mobil Pages) which is the very latest technology. It also doubles as a Progressive Web App meaning you can put it on the home screen of your smart phone and just Push Buttons to show folks.
In an elevator, grab your phone and show the video. No internet connection, no problem, you have PWA.
Think you will have someone interested?

Note: You can drop me a note if you want to be kept in the loop on more Push-Button-Marketing tools an tips as they develop, including our appSAVE® system that is launching throughout the Western Hemisphere.